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       " Great day - Nauryz holiday!"

           On 19 April , 2017, in the 224 auditorium of the Institute of Natural History and Geography took place a festive event " Great day - Nauryz holiday!", which was organized by the 3rd year course students of the specialty "Biology".

        During the event the students were feasted Nauryz kozhe and other national dishes. Pro-rector for educational work Zhanatbek Y.Ishpekbayev , Chairman of the university trade union committee Bolatbek B. Nurbatirov , director of the institute Kulyash D. Kaymuldinova congratulated all participants and guests with warm speech.

       The festive evening began with the traditional bata /blessing/ of "Kydyr Ata" and "Zher ana". Then continued with a special theatrical performance, which began with the national dance "Kara zhorga". Also there were improvised song competition of girls and guys, games on dombra, dances and all this ended with the song "Kazagymnyn dasturleri-ai ". Guests and teachers organized different games where to winners were given special gifts.

       The final speech was made by the deputy director for educational work Nurlan T. Manapov , who thanked all the guests and organizers.














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