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Esenova Kalbike Umirbaykizi


Yessenova Kalbike Omirbaykyzy  - doctor of philological sciences, professor. Author of the scientific monograph "The linguistic expressions of M.Auezov`s publicity" (2005), "The pragmatism of modern Kazakh media text" (2007), "Modern aspects of pedagogical work" (2013, Odessa, in co-authorship), teaching manual "Modern Kazakh Language" (2005, in co-authorship) and author more than 250 scientific and methodological papers. One of the developers "Dictionary of Kazakh Literary Language" (15 V.)," Spelling dictionary of the Kazakh language "," Kazakh-English-Russian, English-Kazakh-Russian Business Dictionary ". Project manager of MES RK such as "The ways of development and formationstages of the Kazakh writing", "The culture of the oral communication language", "The language and style of mass media", "Linguocognitive aspect of language and speech stylistics", "Cognitive aspect of Kazakh political and diplomatic language". She made reports at international conferences (China, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, etc.), hasmorethan 100 certificatesof advancedtraining. She is engaged in research on the issues of pragmalinguistics, linguistic politology, medialinguistics, political discourse, discourse theory, communicative linguistics, development of Kazakh media text, a new direction of the scientific-theoretical basis of publicistic style.

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