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Askarova Gaukhar Sarıbaykyzy


Full Name

 Askarova Gaugһar

Year of birth

1974 year 8 march


1.1991-1995гг.  - Ural Pedagogical Institute named after AS Pushkin, Faculty "Philology", Specialty "Kazakh language and literature", qualification teacher of Kazakh language and literature of secondary school.

2. 1996-2000гг. - KazNU. Al-Farabi. PhD thesis is "Kazakh language and literature"

Academic degree and title

Candidate of Filological Sciences (15.10.2005у. Prot. №13)

Place of work and position after graduation

1995-1996гг. - teacher of the Kazakh language and literature of secondary school №108, collective farm III International, Karmakchinsky district, Kyzylorda region

1996-1998 гг. - junior researcher, senior laboratory assistant of the Institute of Linguistics named after A. Baytursynov

1998-2002гг. - clerk, translator of the Research Institute of the Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Scientific interests

"History of the literature of the Turkic peoples", "History of Oriental literature", "Typology of folklore and literature of the Turkic peoples", "Oriental literature and literary connection", "Basic aspects of the study of the poetics of Turkic literature"



1. "History of Ancient Literature" (As part of the author`s collective, composer of volume 5 of the work of the outstanding researcher, philologist A. Kyraubaeva)

2. "An ancient version of Kissa Raubguzi." Educational book. - Almaty, Printing - Service К 2009. - 312 page.

3. "History of the Turkic peoples". Textbook (author of the section "Uzbek Literature", "Kyrgyz Literature", compiler Independent work of the student with the teacher, Independent work of the student, Test assignments). - Almaty: Arys, 2009. - 314 page.

4. "The New Literature of Independent Kazakhstan" (90th years of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the 21st century) ". Collective monograph. - Almaty, 2011.

5. Serik Makpyruly. Bibliographic index. Life and art. Author`s composition. -Almaty, 2013. 33 page.

6. Literature of East Asia. Author`s composition. -Almaty, 2014

Since when do you work at the department

Since 2002, the senior teacher of the department named after Akademika S.Kirabaev of Kazakh literature,

Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay

Social work

Responsible for Research work of the faculty

Contact details

 8707469 4593,




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