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Satemirova Dariga Amantaykyzy


Last name, name, patronymic

Satemirova Dariga Amantayevna

Year of birth

August 3, 1973


1992-1996 Specialty Kazakh language and literature in the Russian school. qualification teacher of Kazakh and literature АGU named after Abay

Academic degree and title


Candidate of Philologysciences(from April, 11, 2001 protocol №27)

Job and position upon termination of institution of higher learning

2002 the teacher of the department of Kazakh literature of ASU named after Abay

Professional qualification


The history of Kazakh literature, Modern Kazakh literature.



1.publishes articles in periodicals, systematically (about 50), scientific and methodical conferences.

2."Literary heritage of YerimbetKledebekuly" monograph.

3."Poetry Zhyrau" training manual. Almaty, 2007, 86 pages.

4.The compulsory general educational standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan is higher professional education. Bachelor`s degree. 5В011700- Kazakh language and literature - Astana, 2011-124p. Co-authorship.

5.Compulsory General Education Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan Higher Professional Education Bachelor`s. 5В012100- Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language of instruction- Astana, 2011-124p. Co-authorship.

6.New literature of independent Kazakhstan. Monograph. Almaty, KazNPU Publishing House Abai, 2011 -287 pages. Co-authorship.

Teaching Disciplines


Literature of the Kazakh Khan period.

Poetics of the Kazakh story.

Traditional mentality in Kazakh literature.

New directions in literary criticism.

 Schools in literary criticism.

From what time work on a department

2002 the teacher of the department of Kazakh literature of ASU named after Abay

Social work

Member of the expert commission for the specialties of the "Education" group of the RЕMS at KazNPU named after Abay;

Member of the republican, city and regional scientific competitive commission of the IAS RK.

Pin data

8701 6083452




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