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Zhumazhanova Token Konysbaevna


Full Name

Zhumazhanova Tuken Қonybayzyzy

Year of birth

January 5, 1944


1961-1965. Specialty "Kazakh Language and Literature" Kazakh State Pedagogical Institute. Abay

Place of work and post at the end of the university

1965-1980 Teacher of the Kazakh language and literature of the Semipolatinskaya region. Zhanasemeysky district

1980-1983 Senior Lecturer, Chair of Kazakh Language and Literature Semipolatinsk Pedagogical University. I.K. Krupskaya

1988 Associate Professor of the Kazakh Language and Literature Department

1990-1995 Dean of the Faculty of Semipolatinskii Pelagic Institute of. Shakarima

1998-2018 Doctor of Science, Professor of Kazakh Literature Department S. Kirabayev Kaznpu them. Abay

Academic degree and titles

1. Candidate of pedagogical sciences (from 17.11.1983 protocol No. 8 PD No. 006331)

2. Associate Professor (December 29, 1988, DC No. 007334 Moscow)

3. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (from July 27, 1997 №0000813)

4. Professor pedagogy (from November 29, 1998)

5. Academician of the IASP (September 29, 2009, No. 744)

Scientific interests



1. Educating youth through literary works. Monograph. Semey, 1998. 270 p.

2. Examples of Literature of Turkic Peoples (Class 5-11) 2007 Tutorial. Zhumazhanova TK, Tynybayeva O., Almaty "Bilim" publishing house. P. 392

3. Methods of teaching literature. Monograph, Almaty, Education. 2009. 288 p.

4. Pedagogical practice of students on the subject of literature. Methodical manual X. Abylkasymova. Almaty, KazNPU, 2009. 60 p.

5. Ways to study M.Auezov`s creativity. Educational-methodical manual. Almaty, Ulagat, 2010.

6. Out-of-class work on literary texts teaching students. Tutorial. Publishing house of KazNPU "Ulagat", 2011. 152 p.

7. The textbook of the Kazakh literature (the author`s association) 9 кл. School. 2000-2005-2017

8. Kazakh literature 10 c. School. 2006-2014

9. The Kazakh literature is devoted to the Russian class "Knowledge". 2007.

10. Use of digital educational resources in the study of works of poets by the discipline "Kazakh literature". Educational-methodical aids. Almaty, IP «Vatkhanov AA» 2013.223 p.

11. The content of electronic textbooks on the subject "Kazakh literature". Educational-methodical manual. Almaty. IP «Watkhanov AA» 2012.225 p.

12. Teaching methodology (author`s association) teaching of life and work of Fraggi. Almaty. KazNPU "Ulagat" publishing house 2016. 116 p.

13. E-learning textbook for the life of J. Balasagun. 2017 (information center)

14. Teaching the life and style of Fragi e-learning (Information Development Center) 2017.

Participation in scientific projects

1. Participation in the university project "Electrons oyulytardiңtiimdіlіgі" (2014)

2. Participation of the scientific project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2015-2017 contract No. 340

Topic: "Familiarization with the literary program of the higher and secondary education institutions of the Turkic world, J. Balasagun, M. Fraghi, M.Kashkar, Sh. Aitmatov and others. Scientific and methodological bases of preparation of electronic textbooks on works.

Since when do you work at the department

Since 1998, the doc. Ped. Sciences professor of the department of Kazakh literature KAZNPU them. Abay

Social work

Different. Member of the Dissertation Council of KR.K.R

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