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STEM-festival for elementary school pupils

On December 11, 2019, in the building of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Abai KazNPU, the STEM festival for elementary school pupils was held. The Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education of the Institute invited pupils of the 4 «B» class of the Technical Lyceum No. 28 of Almaty to take part in this event, the class teacher - Irina Krause.

This year the festival was held as part of the International Science Festival «Unity and Continuity of Generations in Spiritual Modernization: Theory and Practice», dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Professor R.M.Koyanbaev. Its organizers were teachers of the department (associate professors Akpaeva A.B., Lebedeva L.A., senior lecturers Abdykadyrov A.O., Ryabova E.V., Bekbaeva M.T., Sartaeva N.T.), and moderators - students of 2 -4 courses of the specialty of PMPE.

The purpose of the event is to increase the interest of schoolchildren and students in the study of STEM education, to support and develop curiosity in children, to demonstrate the links between science, technology, engineering, mathematics and everyday life. The program of this festival included a fascinating journey of children through STEM stations (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) under the guidance of students. Together with them, students solved logical problems, conducted scientific experiments and tricks, designed.

As a result of the STEM festival, each student received a participant`s diploma, students - a moderator`s diploma, teacher and parents - thanks for the help in organizing. The festival turned out to be a rich and vibrant event for young students.

The festival was attended not only by teachers of the department, but also by guests: Marina Romanova, professor of the Moscow City Pedagogical University, professor K.M. Koyanbaev`s wife, K. Sakova, a teacher with a long history of work at the school, now a pensioner. They handed diplomas to children and gave parting words.

The Chair of the PMPE thanks the director of the lyceum Aisulu Medetbekova, the class teacher Krause Irina, the teachers and students who took part in the preparation and holding of the festival.



















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