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To the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Tugyry biyk tauelsizdik - elіmіzdіn tіregy»


On December 3, 2019, PhD, senior lecturer of the Department of preschool education and social pedagogy, Institute of pedagogy and psychology Assem Bulshekbayeva held events with 2nd year students of specialty «5B012300-Social pedagogy and self-cognitin» on the topic: «-Tugyry biyk tauelsizdik - elіmіzdіn tіregy» dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As A. Bulshekbaeva noted, the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the main state and national holiday of our country. Today, every citizen of the republic is proud of its independence, and for every person, love for the Motherland is the most important feeling.

At the event, the head of the Department Ulbossyn Kyyakbayeva and teachers of the Department participants of the December events Dariga Azimbayeva and Razia Karimova told students about performance of Kazakh youth on December 16-17, 1986, in Almaty. According to them, this event served as the basis for Kazakhstan`s gaining sovereignty.

Students actively participated in the educational event. They honored the memory of the December events by rising; they showed short theatrical performances of the events of that time-a demonstration against the arbitrariness of the authorities and the unrest of the people. The anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan, patriotic songs and poems dedicated to the Independence Day of the country were performed.







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