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Cooperation of universities

4-year student of the specialty «5B010200-PMPE» of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Belova Natalya is studying at the Moscow City Pedagogical University on academic mobility. From the first days of her stay, she was actively involved in the educational process of this Russian university. She also took part in seminars and master classes «The system of environmental education in a comprehensive school: the role of teacher and student», «A good teacher is a little actor: the basics of oratory», «Teacher of the future: innovative activity in the implementation of educational and professional standards», «The reverse side of the «digital environment: anti-vital behavior», «Tools for the teacher of the future». This will undoubtedly serve to increase her pedagogical skills and professional skills.

As part of the annual week of Russian literature, as a representative of a foreign university, our student was a jury member in a fairy tale competition. She made a report at the competition of methodological presentations on the theme «Development of coherent speech of younger students». In the period from November 1 to 4, she took part in the all-Russian campaign «Big Ethnographic Dictation», scored 91 out of 100 points. Natalia worthily represents our university. Congratulations on her success.





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