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A student scientific conference was held

On November 22-23, 2019, the 74th scientific conference of students took place on the section «General pedagogy» , organized by the Department of pedagogy of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology.

According to the University «Program 74th Scientific Conference of Students and Undergraduates», the above-mentioned section was attended by 1-4 year students of pedagogical specialties from five institutes with reports on pressing problems and areas of modern pedagogical science. Such topics as Abay`s pedagogical ideas (to 175 anniversary), the status of the teacher (today and in the future), the updated content of education, the advanced teaching experience of innovative schools, the professional competence of the teacher, etc. were among them. The participants were interested in reports on technologies such as web-quest, collaboration, distance learning, dual training, as well as innovative forms of youth leisure time organization, marketing in modern education and other issues.

The work of the section «General pedagogy» was carried out by the Department responsible for the research work of students, candidate of pedagogical Sciences associate Professor Svetlana zhumasheva Satybaldievna. Members of the Commission: head of the Department of pedagogy, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Zhampeisova Korlan Kabikenovna and the teaching staff of the Department.

The event was attended by teachers of institutes, trainees, members of the student scientific circle «Teacher-researcher», creative group «Teacher» etc.

All participants of the conference gave a positive assessment of the conference and adopted recommendations on the results.

See you at the 75th scientific conference, future teachers-researchers!

















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