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74th scientific student conference «The First step in science»


On November 18, 2019, the Institute of pedagogy and psychology, Department of preschool education and social pedagogy held 74 scientific student conference on the section «Social pedagogy and self-cognition» (Russian Department) under the motto «The First step in science».

The purpose of the conference-the development of creative activity of students, analysis of current problems of modern social pedagogy, strengthening of scientific ties in student groups.

The head of the Department Ulbossyn Kyakbayeva opened the conference with a welcoming speech and wished the students success.

The conference was chaired by PhD, senior lecturer Meiramgul Suranshieva, the Commission included teachers of the PhD Department, Assem Bulshekbayeva, masters of pedagogical Sciences Dariga Azimbayeva and Zhanna Asankhanova, technical Secretary Diana Manapova led the Protocol of the conference.

During the conference, topical issues of students were discussed, a number of recommendations were developed.

This event is the first step of students to science. We hope that at this conference students were able not only to get acquainted with each other, but also to share their scientific ideas.

Teaching students in science, holding various events will become a tradition at the Department of preschool education and social pedagogy.







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