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Professional orientation work at the Pedagogical College No. 2 on the topic "Teacher-psychologist profession of the 21st century"

          On 10 March, 2017 for the purpose of practical and educational work by the 2nd year course undergraduates and the 4th year course students of "Pedagogy and Psychology" department , was held educational event at the Pedagogical College. Purpose of the event was to inform college students about the profession "Teacher-psychologist". During the event was presentation about the opportunities for continuing education in the leading university of Kazakhstan Abai KazNPU.

             The following issues were included in the event program: presentation about Abai KazNPU, the department "Pedagogy and psychology", and teaching staff. Students of the 4th year course performed the scene "At the reception of a psychologist", showing the practical part of the work of a psychologist. Musical program were presented by talented students of the department, also the "Kazakh waltz" on guitar and folk Uighur dance was performed. One of the important issues was the program with the demonstration of the newest interactive method of training and knowledge control "Kahoot", as it has practical significance for the teaching teachers, this method was conducted with the spectators of the students of the pedagogical college. Winners were awarded the memorable prizes. Also, an interactive with a hall on the topic "gender stereotypes" was conducted, college students took an active part in it, showing a sincere interest in this topic. In conclusion, students and undergraduates of Abai KazNPU sang a song dedicated to psychology, accompanied by a guitar.

         The hall where the event was held was thematically prepared by posters on the theme of the event and decorated with balloons. In conclusion, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor Roza B. Abdrakhmanova spoke about the prospects of the profession "teacher-psychologist", the opportunities for professional training and personal growth at Abai KazNPU.





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