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Tungushbaeva Zina Baibagusovna


Full name

Tungushbaeva Zina Baibagusovna

Year, month and day of birth

November 26, 1952


1969-1974. Biological faculty of Kazakh State University named after SM Kirov (genetics, cell biology)


1. Candidate of Biological Sciences, (31.01.2002, Ғ K No. 0009102);

2. Associate Professor (September 9, 2005, Protocol No. 9);

3. Doctor of Biological Sciences (October 27, 2011, Protocol No. 6);

Place of work and position after graduation

1974-1976 The teacher of school № 105 st.Dzhusaly;

1977-2011. Teacher, senior lecturer, associate professor of the department of molecular biology of KazNMU named after SD Asfendiyarov;

2011 to present time Professor of the Department of Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology and OBZhKazNPU named after Abay.


The effect of ecological factors of the environment on the structural organization of animal organs.


1. Medical Biology Genetics - textbook, 2004,

2. Radiobiology - a study guide, 2007,

3. Cytology zhne histology - a textbook recommended by the Ministry Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2015,

4. Cytology zhne histology - a study guide for laboratory studies, recommended by the Methodical Council of KazNPU named after Abay, 2017.

5. Features of the toxic effect of cadmium chloride on the lymph nodes of rats. Scientific and Practical Medical Journal of Public Health Kyrgyzstan. № 2. 2012. P. 54-56. August 14-21, 2012

6. Thymus with exotoxicosis and its correction. Scientific and Practical Journal Surgery Morphology Lymphology. T.9. № 17. 2012. P. 51-54.

7. Teaching the basics of cytology in the general education school. Journal "Biology in the School." - 2014.-No. 2. - P. 22-25.

8. Effect of exotoxicosis on the capillaries of the lymph node of animals and its correction by Tagansorbent. Izvestiya Journal of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2014.-№ 4.-С. 92-93.

9 . Changes arising in the structural organization of the kidney under the influence of cadmium chloride. Bulletin of KazNU. The biological series. - 2015. - No. 2/2 (64). - P. 485-488.

10. Correction of Tagansorbent by the structural organization of the blood vessels of the lymph node. Bulletin of KazNPU, series Natural and geographical sciences. - 2016 .. - No. 2/2 (64). - P. 485-488.

11. Correction Tagansorbent biochemical indicators of blood of animals with prolonged use of carbonated drinks. KazNU international conference of biotechnologists. Proceedings, 2016. - P. 148-149. 7-8 April 2016 KazNU



Since when do you work at the department

Since 2011, Professor of the Department of Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology and ObzhaKazNPU named after Abay (0.5 rates)


 Member of the editorial board of the journal VestnikKazNPU a series of natural-geographical science.


8 701 373 88 07;



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