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Abulgaziev Andrei Ubaydullaevich

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Geography of Kazakhstan and Ecology, was born on 10.01.1966. The total work experience is 35 years, of which 24 are specialties.


He is engaged in research: Specially protected natural territories of Kazakhstan, structure and content of textbooks and manuals on Physical Geography of Kazakhstan and Natural History.

Disciplines taught: Physical Geography of Kazakhstan, Economic and Social Geography of Kazakhstan, Geography Teaching Methods, Recreational Geography, Geography of Culture, Head of Pedagogical and Field Practices.

Achievements: the author of a textbook, a methodological manual and a map of Natural History for the 5th grade of general education schools in Kazakh, Russian and Uighur languages (2005, 2010, 2015). Author of the methodical manual for practical classes in the discipline Physical geography of Kazakhstan in the Kazakh language (2008), educational and methodological manual on physical geography of Kazakhstan in the Kazakh language (2014) for higher educational institutions. Author of a textbook and a workbook on Natural History for the 5th grade, written in accordance with the standard program of the updated content of the subject in Kazakh, Russian and Uighur languages (2017). Author of more than 40 scientific and methodical articles. Since 2011, he is the representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for conducting UNT. The developer of test tasks for VOUD, in such disciplines as: "Physical geography of Kazakhstan", "Economic and social geography of Kazakhstan", "Methods of teaching geography".


Advanced training (for the last 5 years):
1. Courses of raising the qualification of pedagogical workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the program of raising the level of professional skill of teachers of pedagogical specialties of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. October-November 2013 (240 hours). Almaty. FAO "NTSPK" "Orleu" The certificate from 20.11. 2013y. №0126713.
2. "Innovative methods and technologies of teaching in universities in Germany" on November 8-11, 2010 (240 hours). Düsseldorf, Federative Republic of Germany. Certificate of 19.11.2013. No. 111 32315.
3. "Pedagogy of the environment, safety and human health". 29.11.2013-13.12.2013. (54 hours). Almaty, KazNPU named after Abay. Certificate of 14.12.2013.
4. Certificate of attendance at the Lecture Series on "landscape ecological assessments" at Abai University, Institute of Geography. 25.03-05.04. 2014g. (72 hours). Almaty, KazNPU named after Abay. Certificate of 06/04/2014.
5. "Methodological approaches to the development of innovative technologies in education" FGBOUVPO "The Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen". Head of the seminar, Ph.D., prof. Andreeva. 13.10.-31.10.2015. (102 hours). Almaty, KazNPU named after Abay. Certificate of 31.10.2015.
6. Center of pedagogical skills of AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools". Certificate for completion of training of trainers in the amount of 232 academic hours under the supplementary education program for graduating students. January 29, 2016 Astana. Certificate 29.01.2016 ТО №000073.
7. Course for accelerated learning English for Chemistry and Computer Science teachers in accordance with the SPD Advanced Training Program, including Online Development Program, to strengthen pedagogical staff training at the University`s teaching staff, taking into account the experience of the basic HEIs and entrepreneurship skills of the SPIID certificate confirming passage. 01.11.2016 to 20.12.2016. Karaganda. Certificate 20.12.2016 №131016.

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