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Abdymanapov Bahadurkhan Sharipovich


Doctor of geography, professor.

Honored professor of Kyrgyz state University named of for  I.Arabayev.  Length of service  of pedagogical work 23 years.  

Reseavch the geographical basics of provision of geoecological safety of south - east Kazakhstan.

Taught disciplines: "Development of Earth and geographical  regularity", "Landscape planning", "Organization and planning of scientificresearch work", "Geographical aspects of stable development"; "Spatio-temporal organization of landscapes".

Credentials. The author more than 100 scientific works, among then 15 books and scientific methodological schoolbooks recomendedby Department of education and science of Republic of Kazakhstan, 5 monographs, more than 80 articles in periodical editions and materials of conferences.Owner of the title"The Best teacher of University" - 2014.Awarded with medal "Айрықша еңбегі үшін" (2016). Have more than 15 certificates of professional development.

The field of interests: natural risks, natural disasters, extra- ordinary situations of natural and anthropogenic character.


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