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Technical support department


Division of technical training is part of the Educational Department and is part of the University. During career division has two main objectives.

1. The implementation of systematic control over the safety and serviceability of language laboratory equipment in their offices to provide educational process during semesters.
2. Provision of technical equipment (microphone, musical instrument, video projector, laptop, etc.) university-wide, faculty and cathedral events (conferences, meetings, appointments, tests, etc.). Connection and control of work equipment (Audio) in the conference - halls and the auditorium of the University.
All employees of Division spread across offices and are responsible for the operation and safety of the equipment, and the amount of work is defined job responsibilities and orders of the chief of the school administration and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.
In 2013-2014. academic year, the University has 14 language laboratories. They are distributed as follows:
The main building - 3 rooms
Building of the Institute of Philology and multilingual education - 4 rooms
Building of the Institute of Natural History and Geography - 1 room
Building of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and informatics - 3 rooms
Building of the Institute of Economics and Political Science - 2 rooms
Building of the Institute Pedagogy and Psychology - 1 room
Connect and control hardware (microphone, musical equipment, video and etc.) At various university events and test control equipment for language laboratory work carried out by leading engineers of Bodybaeva Z., Kalyev B. and engineer Iskaliev B. Connect the equipment to play the Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan at 8 a.m. on a daily basis on weekdays.