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About us
 Berdyshev Abdumaulen Suleimenovich
Head of the Chair
Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor
+7 (727) 272-15-13
 Tole bi str, 86

 Khamrayev Sheripidin Itahunovich
Deputy director for Academic Affairs
Candidate of Technical Sciences, docent
Tole bi str.86, office 203
 +7(727) 261-15-76

 Birgebayev Akhtai
Deputy director for educational and scientific work
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the university
Tole bi st. 86, office 201
 +7(727) 272-82-72

 Ualiyev Zair
Deputy director of scientific work and international cooperation
Doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of NIA RK
Tole bi st. 86, office 224



Mission - training competitive competent specialists having high social and civil responsibility.

The Institute includes:

4 chairs

12  physical and technical scientific research laboratories

10 computer labs  




The University was founded in 1928, when Physics and Math faculty was one of the first faculties of the University. The first dean of the faculty was A.A.Yermekov, the author of first textbooks on Mathematics for higher education institutions in the Kazakh language. Later the faculty was headed by the following distinguished scientists-pedagogues: S.Kh.Bakaev, B.M.Roviskiy, O.A.Zhautykov, M.M.Markovich, M.K.Satbaev, B.S.Zhanbyrbaev, G.S.Sarbasov and others.  Since 2016 the institute has been headed by A.S.Berdyshev. Now Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Computer science (IMPhCS) is one of the largests divisions of KazNPU named after Abai.

The Institute`s educational process includes undergraduate and postgraduate education (Master`s degree, doctorate). Now there are 700 Bachelor students, 272 Master`s degree students and 11 PhD students studying in the Institute.

Educational programs (Curricula)

The Institute trains on 10 educational programs of Bachelor degree, Master degree and PhD. 

Bachelor degree

Master degree


5В010900 - Mathematics

6М010900 - Mathematics

6D010900 - Mathematics

5В011000 - Physics

6М011000 - Physics

6D011000 - Physics

5В011100 - Computer science

6М011100 - Computer science

6D011100 - Computer science

5В012000 - Professional training

6М012000 - Professional training

6D060100 - Mathematics

5В060100 - Mathematics

6М060100 - Mathematics

6D060200 - Computer science

5В060200 - Computer science

6М060200 - Computer science

6D060400 - Physics

5В060300 - Mechanics

6М060300 - Mechanics


5В060400 - Physics

6М060400 - Physics


5В070300 - Information systems

6М070300 - Information systems


5В071600 - Instrument Engineering






At present time about 115 teachers work at 4 chairs of the Institute, the heads of which are well-known in Kazakhstan and abroad scientists in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics and Computer science. Among them there are 27 doctors of sciences, 50 candidates of sciences, 7 PhD.


The Institute has 

*         2 laureates of the State Prize of the RK

*       15 holders of authorships and patents

*       2 winners of the International grand of the RK President "Bolashak"

*       9 holders of the State grand "The best higher education institution teacher"

*       2 holders of State scientific fellowships


Scientific schools of the Institute are represented by great Kazakhstani scientists in the relevant scientific schools such as differential equations and math physics, theoretical, nuclear and experimental physics, technology of the production of new materials and nanotechnology, methods of teaching physical and mathematical disciplines and informatization of education. Scientific research is realized at the expence of budget support for topics of fundamental and applied research of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MES RK). 


Scientific projects

The work at 7 projects of the MES RK is realized in IMphCS

1.The Head of the Chair of "Methods of teaching Mathematics, Physics and Computer science", the principal of the Center of pedagogical education development, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor A.E.Abylkasymova is the leader of the project on "Prospective models of development of pedagogical education in the Republic of Kazakhstan in conditions of realizing the "Kazakhstan-2059" Strategy, the amount of financing is  13 491 980 KT.

2.The Head of the Chair of "Physics", doctor of Physics and Math sciences, professor K.B.Tlebayev is the leader of the project on "Creation of accelerative industrial complex and development of the complex of radiation and chemical technology of medical products processing", the amount of financing is 12000000 KT.

3.The Head of the Chair of "Computer science and informatization of education",  doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor E.Y.Bidaibekov is the leader of the project on "Al-Farabi`s math heritage in today`s society" (Order №340 of the MES RK, from 12.02.2015, project engagers: E.U.Medeuov, V.V.Grinshkun, G.B.Kamalova, A.E.Sagimbayeva, E.A.Kiseleva, Sh.Bilal, S.A.Dzhanaberdiyeva, B.G.Bostanov, M.Revshenova, Zh.Akkasynova, K.U.Umbetbayev, A.E.Zhaksylykov). The amount of financing is 14 000 000 KT. Innovativeness of the project is demonstration of methods of the effective use of Al-Farabi`s math heritage in the contemporary math education using new information technologies, and adjusting their content to today`s Mathematics content.

4.At the Chair of "Physics", scientific research on Physics and technology of new resource-saving multifunctional materials is carries out, the project on "Creation of new kinds of resource-saving ceramic materials having original defined properties", the scientific leader of the project is doctor of technical sciences, professor M.K.Kulbek. Scientific research project of the MES RK. The amount of financing is 5 000 000 KT.

5.Vice-rector on strategic issues and international relations, doctor of physical sciences, professor of the Chair of "Physics" B.A.Kozhamkulov is the leader of the project on "Investigation of physical and mechanical characteristics of composite materials exposed to radiation" of the MES RK, budget program, grant financing, the amount is 5000 000 KT.

6.The Head of the Training and research physical and technological Center, doctor of physical sciences, professor of the Chair of "Physics" A.I.Kupchishin is the leader of the project on "Development and creation of new radiological and chemical technology and production of multi-component composite materials by applying polymers, metals, semiconductors and their compounds". MES RK, agreement № 349 from 12.02.2015. The amount of financing is 12000000 KT.

7.The head of the laboratory of innovative technologies, doctor of technical sciences V.S.Lysenko is the leader of the project on "Development of complex technologies of microhydraulic and wind stations for producing thermal and electric energy", MES RK, the amount of financing is 7897960 KT.


The main objective of the Institute is training highly qualified scientific pedagogical staff for the Republic of Kazakhstan. In order to achieve this objective the Institute organizes courses for teachers` professional development at leading higher education institutions of Kazakhstan, CIS and non-CIS countries. 20% of teachers have been trained at some universities of non-CIS countries.




Agreements with foreign universities

Universities - partners from TOP 500 of the world rankings  ARWU 2016-2017 academic year:
University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS - 2016 -2017 academic year 

1.Novosibirsk State University, RF, Novosibirsk

2.University of Pecs, Hungary, Pecs

3.Moscow City Pedagogical University, RF, Moscow

4.Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania, Vilnius

5.Vilnius Pedagogical University, Lithuania, Vilnius

6.Institute of Mathematics and IT of the Academy of Science of Uzbekistan, Tashkent

7.Federal State Budget Science Institution, Institute of Mathematics of RAS RF, Moscow

8.Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University, RF, Krasnoyarsk

9.Siauliai University, Lithuania, Siauliai

10.Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, Kaunas

11.Institute of Mathematics named after S.L.Sobolev, RF, Novosibirsk

12.Hebei Normal University, China, Shijiazhuang, Hebei.


The results of partnership relations with foreign universities are international conferences, forums, where ideas of our scientists are approved and developed, and joint international projects are created. Leading foreign scientists give lectures to Master Degree students, PhD students and teachers, and they provide scientific assistance.

The specialties 5В010900-Mathematics, 5В011000-Physics, 5В011100-Computer science, 6М010900-Mathematics, 6М011000-Physics, 6М011100-Computer science went through international accreditation at ASIIN (Germany).

According to the program of academic mobility, Bachelor and Master students study in Germany, Lithuania, and Poland. Master Degree and PhD students have a month`s scientific  internship in the universities of CIS (NSU, MSPU, KPU, Russia) and non-CIS (Germany, Lithuania) countries.

Every year scientific and practical conferences are organized for the Bachelor and Master Degree students, where they can report the results of their scientific research and then they can participate in republican scientific contests. Every year Bachelor and Master Degree students win republican scientific contests and subject-oriented Olympiads. The students participate actively in the scientific and social life of the University. There are various study groups, student clubs and sport clubs.



The Institute is placed in a separate building. Its classroom fund includes study and lecture halls, 10 computer classrooms, 12 educational physical and technical laboratories, a reading room and an electronic resources room, and an assembly hall.

Today the challenge for the Institute is providing qualified education  satisfying the needs of the labour market.

One of the instruments of providing quality is participation of the University in the national and international ratings. In the republican rating of educational programs, on which the Institute realizes training, every year the educational programs on Mathematics, Physics and Computer science rank first among pedagogical universities and institutions.


Physics and Mathematics Department is implementing educational programs for training of higher and post-high school vocational education on the basis of 6 specialized departments, employing more than 120 teachers, including 3 academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 25 doctors, professors, 60 associate professors, candidates of sciences.


The faculty  has computer and physical laboratories, teaching rooms, Institute of Mechanics and Applied Physics, Institute for Information Technology Education, which are carried out within the framework of research and educational programs. On the basis of master program, postgraduate, doctoral studies after higher education faculty trains highly qualified specialists in the field of mathematics, mechanics, physics and computer science, followed by protection of master`s and doctoral dissertations.


Students have the opportunity to pass a military department.

Graduates of our faculty work in scientific and educational organizations, leading economic and computer firms in the various institutions and organizations where specialists are needed in computer networking and system programs.


Physical - Department of Mathematics

5B010900 - Mathematics


5B011100-informatics (English)

5B012000 - vocational training

5B060100-Mathematics (in English)

5B060200 - Computers

5B060300 - mechanics

5B060400 - physics (English)

5B070300 - Information Systems

5B071600-instrument making