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Organization of educational process

3.1. The Institute established the following main types of studies: lectures, seminars, practical exercises, laboratory work, consultations, tests, independent work, practice, course design (course work), diploma design (thesis), Master`s thesis. In order to organize the training sessions of the number of students decree academic director of the Institute formed the group in accordance with the profile specialties and language departments.

Language policy in higher education is carried out in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Kazakhstan Law " About languages".

Higher education institutions should provide the knowledge and development of Kazakh as the state language, and the study of Russian language and a foreign language according to the state general education standards of higher education.

3.2. Training sessions at the Institute of Natural History and geography are conducted in strict accordance with the schedule of classes approved by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

3.3. The basic document for the attendance of students are training logs (statements) training sessions, which are kept in institutions.

3.4. Quality control is carried out of employment governing the university, directors and deputy directors of institutes, heads of departments and, on their behalf, Professor and most experienced teachers