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Сontacts with foreign universities


Surname, title, degree


Theme of scientific work

Holding event  (place and time)


Onal Abisheva doctor of art, Professor.


Educational and practical trip to Turkey


Marmara University.

November 05 to November 15 2018


Bazar Yrystanuly

Master, teacher

In ankara, the congress and the symposium on research of arts and culture

Turkey, city of Ankara.

November 9-14, 2018


Assembayuly Erlan

of the department «Art Education» аssociate professor,
Candidate of Philosophy

Lecture «Kazakh folk crafts» in China

China, Guangzhou, the city of Shauzhou,
Hanshan Normal University,
From November 15 to December 3, 2017


Zh. N. Shaigozova Ph. D. Assoc. Professor of the Department

Scientific visit to tehran


Republic of Iran. University of Tehran 23-24 April 2017


Establishment of international cooperation with foreign universities


Name of a foreign university, F. I. O., position, academic degree and degree of partners

Theme of cooperation

Event holding (place and time)


Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design of the Altai State University, Doctor of Arts, Associate Professor Nekhvyadovich l. I.P.

Seminar on the topic «Actual problems of cultural science and methodology» 156 hours

Almaty, KazNPU them. Abaya, 2.10.18-2.11.18


Associate Professor of the University of Vytautas Magnus (Lithuania) D.R. Karatayene

Seminar-training «History of European art». 156 hours

Almaty, KazNPU them. Abaya, 2.10.18-2.11.18


Professor of the University of Marmara Mujde Ayan

Masters, PhD students of the Department of Art Education participated in the master class and discussed

Almaty, KazNPU them. Abaya,