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The University today



              Founded in 1928, Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University is the largest and leading university in Kazakhstan, one of the centers of the national pedagogical science and culture. High quality of education, a worthy place among the top 10 universities of the republic and the 1st  place in the rating of pedagogical universities, allows you to set and solve the most important tasks for training highly qualified specialists who can find their place in the labor market. Many of them will become those who will determine the further development strategy of Kazakhstan, write its further history and represent the republic in the world community. Being at the forefront of scientific knowledge, having a great historical and cultural heritage, the university strengthens the status of Kazakhstan  education in the world educational space.

             Today   Abai KazNPU  is a diversified center for the training of scientific, scientific and pedagogical staff and specialists in the field of  pedagogical  education, economics and business, jurisprudence and international relations, social and political sciences.

        Educational and scientific work of the students is organized in the 7  institutes: Pedagogy and Psychology, Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Philology and Multilingual  Education, Arts, Culture and Sport, Natural  Sciences and Geography, History and Law, Sorbonne-Kazakhstan.

            For organization of  pre-university education, educate young people for a steady motivation to get a teacher`s profession, the University opened this year the Preparatory Faculty.

            In the national ratings of  Abai  KazNPU holds leading positions among pedagogical universities.

            By the results of 2016, in the General rating of the Independent kazakh agency for quality assurance in education  (IQAA), in the direction of "Education" Abai  ranks 1st  place among the best pedagogical universities.

            By  the results of the ranking of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Ranking, 12 educational programs for the              Bachelor`s Degree of the  Pedagogical Specialties were took place  among the top 3.

          In our activity we are guided by the principle: in general qualitatively trained teachers determine the quality of education.

           Currently, the quality of 12 educational programs of  Abai  KazNPU natural-science profile is confirmed by international accreditation Agency ASIIN (Germany).

             By the results of the National Business Rating Abai KazNPU  took the 2nd place (Gold) and received the status of "Industry Leader -2016" among the TOP-50 enterprises-leaders of the Republic of  Kazakhstan, which was confirmed by the Medal and the National Certificate "Industry Leader-2016".

             In the  QS World University Ranking Abai KazNPU has risen by 100 positions in comparison with last years and ranks 501 among the TOP 800 universities of the world, this is the 4th  place among Kazakhstan universities.

            In a special ranking among the  TOP 200 universities in 30 countries of Europe and the CIS  Abai  KazNPU  has  91st place .

            The main task of the university  is the qualitative preparation of the pedagogical staff of a new formation, competitive, progressive thinking, with creative attitude to oneself and society.

         Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute  is  the "Golden bridge"  , which  strengthens Kazakh-French collaboration  in the scientific, educational and cultural spheres, was opened on 6 December , 2014 thanks to the direct support of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan  N.A. Nazarbayev and the President of the French Republic, Francois Hollande. It is the high importance of the joint educational project for both countries.

             It is the 2nd  in the world and the  1st  branch in the Central Asia Center of Higher Education "Sorbonne Paris Cité".

Training is conducted on the basis of  double diploma  programs of bachelor`s and master`s degrees.

In 2015/2016 academic year,  at the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute was held  first graduation  of  42 master`s degrees  of the "Management" and "International Relations" became holders of diplomas Abai  KazNPU and   "Sorbonne of Paris City "University.

          Implementation of the Abai KazNPU by this international project will undoubtedly expand the possibility of obtaining a prestigious European education not only for the residents of Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia, but the entire Eurasian continent.

         Educational activity of the University is conducted through 121 programs of higher and postgraduate education, including:

- 51 specialty bachelor`s degree;

- 52 specialty master`s degree;

- 18 specialties of PhD doctoral degree.

                Abai KazNPU as the largest scientific and educational center of the country for  pedagogical education  , first of all, realizes scientific and innovative projects in the field of pedagogical sciences, coordinates, supports and develops the scientific, scientific, methodical and creative potential of the educational organizations of the republic.

On the basis of the University there are the Department of Social and Human Sciences of NAS RK and EMS REMS in the direction of the group "Education".

         Scientists-teachers of the University developed and introduced in the Kazakh and Russian languages ​​240 standard curriculum disciplines of  the specialties of higher and postgraduate education, including 114 - bachelor`s disciplines, 66 -  master`s disciplines, 60 - PhD disciplines, 774 - textbooks:  (152 - for higher educational institutes, 622 - for a comprehensive schools ); 679 - teaching  aids) .

           Within the framework of realization of the strategic direction of development of   abai KazNPU  "Formation of the university as a research center focused  to  innovative activity", scientific research was aimed at obtaining   significant results.

             In the total number of scientific research s in the field of pedagogy and education - 37% of projects, natural sciences - 37%, humanities - 21% , energy - 5%.

               For successful implementation of scientific and  research activities at the university  has a number of advantages:

- highly qualified scientific  staff;

- necessary scientific infrastructure;

- budgetary and extrabudgetary financing;

- modern material and technical base.

              With the aim  of integration of  education, science and  production, improve the quality of training university staff at Abai KazNPU was created a scientific and educational infrastructure.

                Faculties in the directions  of training have been reformed into the Institutes.

             For to  increase the productivity of creative, commercial and entrepreneurial activities was opened a new structural subdivision - Scientific and Innovation Park, consisting of a Scientific Cluster of  8  scientific centers and 4 laboratories in the field of education, humanities and natural sciences, as well as the Commercialization of Scientific Research Results Division.

                 With the aim of solving the tasks set in the "Plan of the Nation - 100 concrete steps to implement the five institutional reforms", the scientists of the university (scientific adviser Praliev S.Zh.) developed the Concept for the realization of the national idea "Mangilik el/ Eternity  nation ", the curriculum of the course "Mangilik el" - textbook in Kazakh and Russian was published.

                  As a result, this training course from 2016 is being introduced into the educational programs of all specialties of the country`s universities.

The project "National Education" (scientific adviser S.Zh. Praliyev) has  aims to educate the future  pedagogue  with a high level of national self-consciousness, a culture of interethnic relations, a citizen and a patriot.

                     Elaborated  Concept of national education, the standard and working programs, the course of lectures, the textbook "Ulttyk tarbie/ National education " are used in the educational process.

Within the framework of the project there are the Republican Coordination Council for National Education,  Discussion Club, also  published National Education  journal.

                For a series of works in the field of national education, the authors S.Zh.Praliyev, M.A. Nuriyev were awarded the State Ybrai Altynsarin Award.

                 The project "ICT in the Professional Development of Teachers: Pedagogy of e-Learning" ( research advisers: S.Z. Praliyev, G.Ya. Selyutin), which won the UNESCO international competition "Innovative practices in the field of information and communication technologies in university education".

                   In the reporting year, the University implemented 10 joint research projects with foreign partners.

Public policy of the University is aimed at achieving high ranking positions in the international scientific space.

                 Over the past 5 years, the international publication activity of our scientists in the world scientific space has increased 15-times.

           Today  Abai  KazNPU  takes the 1st   place in the number of publications with the impact factor in the database Web of Science among pedagogical universities and the 15th place among 125 universities of the country.

           Over  the  past  3 years, the University scientists have published 14186 scientific works, including 268 (2%) monographs, 1506 (11%) textbooks and teaching aids for universities and schools of the republic, 6730 scientific articles (47%), scientific conferences - 5682 (40%).

             For effective preparation of scientific and pedagogical  staff of the new formation, we widely use the study and application of innovative foreign experience of integrating education and science.

           The University annually directs undergraduates and doctoral candidates for a scientific internship in partner universities. So, if in 2014 foreign internships were held by 452 undergraduates and 13 doctoral students, in 2015 already 624 undergraduates and 35 doctoral candidates went on a scientific internship to foreign universities and research centers of France, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, USA, China , South Korea, Russia and others.

               The educational process was provided by 867 teachers, of them 799 full-time employees, or 92%.

               Staff with academic degree   -  67%. The average age of teachers with academic degrees and titles is 52 years.

                Scientific and educational activities are carried out by 155 doctors of science, professors, or 19% (the average age is 55 years); 380 candidates of science, associate professors (48%), including PhD - 19 doctors (middle age - 49 years) and 117 masters of science.

           14 full members and corresponding members of NAS RK and 45 members of other public academies of sciences, 19 members of creative unions, 6 honored trainers, 12 masters of sports work at the university.

            Undoubtedly, a positive factor is the holding of classes by invited professors from foreign partner universities, such as the University of Geneva (Switzerland),  Pedagogical University Freiburg  (Germany),  Aix-Marseille University (France), Tokyo Tamagawa University (Japan),  Brunel University , Lomonosov Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, and others.

            From 2013 to 2015 years , the total number of invited scientists was 153 professors from more than 18 countries. In 2015, 60 scientists from leading foreign universities visited the university to deliver lectures and conduct master classes, 23 of which were scientific advisers to our doctoral students.

The educational process of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute, together with  teachinf staff of  Abai  KazNPU   is carried out by about 20 teachers of the Paris-Sorbonne University.

             Joint training  PhD  and  undergraduate   conducted with foreign universities: Sorbonne Paris Cite (France), Pedagogical University of Victor Franklin (Austria), University of Granada (Spain), Pécs University (Hungary), Baltic International Academy (Latvia), Erzincan State University ), Hubei Technological University, Wuhan University (China), Novosibirsk SPU, V.P. Astafyev SPU Krasnoyars  (Russia) and others.

            International cooperation in the activities of the university is becoming increasingly important. This is due to the global processes of globalization, which cover all spheres of society, science, education and culture, in particular.

      The format of our cooperation with foreign universities in 36 countries is defined in the framework of more than 180 agreements, memoranda, contacts.

      In order to enhance external relations and expand the legal framework for international cooperation in the 2015/2016 academic year, representatives of 34 foreign higher educational institutions and organizations visited the university.

        So, in June, 2016 during the visit of the delegation of  Abai  KazNPU to Great Britain, were signed two agreements with Sussex s  and Cambridge Universitie, which indicates interest in scientific and educational cooperation with our university of TOP Universities of the world.

          Abai  KazNPU  is   member of 11 international organizations.

           One of our cultural and educational initiatives is the popularization of the cultural heritage of the great Kazakh thinker Abai Kunanbayev . Due to extrabudgetary funds, we opened five such international educational centers named after Abai in China, Vietnam, and Turkey. Their mission is to popularize the heritage of Abai Kunanbayev, conduct various seminars, classes  about  regional studies, culture and history of Kazakhstan.

       Educational work in the Abai KazNPU  instead of the traditional curatorship is carried out according to the "Mentoring System". The peculiarity of this system is the participation of the entire  academic staff in the education of students, which provides a 100% coverage of students. Each teacher and employee is the tutor of 5 students during the entire training period. The result of the current system of mentoring  over  the past 5 years has not recorded a single fact of offenses on the part of the students.

         One of the tasks of a modern university is the development of internationalization in all fields of activity: educational, scientific, extra-curricular. The more authoritative and prestigious the university, the higher its ratings, the academic and scientific reputation in the international educational space.

            In 2015/2016 academic year, 230 foreign students has  training  at the university, including in the baccalaureate - 194, in the magistracy - 36 people.

        The university has a modern material and technical base. The educational process is conducted in 12  academic  buildings with a total area of ​​55 thousand square meters. This - 24 computer classes, 15 - language laboratories, 45 - training and scientific laboratories, 44-  workshops, 38-  interactive audiences.

            Reading rooms of the university library work not only in academic buildings, but also in student dormitories. Its fund - more than a million copies of educational, scientific and methodical literature, including about 610,000  in the Kazakh  language, and more than 4,000 on electronic media.

              The area of ​​sports facilities is more than 100 thousand meter.

              At the disposal of students are sports and gyms, a football field, running tracks of the sports complex "Spartak" for active recreation, forming a healthy lifestyle.

              At the university to provide preventive and emergency medical care  works Health Post. According to the results of the annual comprehensive medical examinations, the indicator of the general morbidity of students of  Abai KazNPU currently has a tendency to decrease.

           An important issue is the organization of student meals, which is on a special and constant control. In the academic buildings there are canteens and buffets with a total area of about a thousand square meters.

             Psychological Service Office was opened to provide consultative and corrective work among the students.

             Today on the balance of the university there are 5  comfortable  dormitories  with a total area of more than 17 thousand square meters, with access to Wi-Fi.