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Research work of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports for 2020


The institute`s research work has both scientific and creative potential. There is an appropriate base for scientific and creative research, a wide range of modern methods and techniques, a variety of research tools, researchers and assistants from among master`s and doctoral students.


Research work at the institute is organized and carried out in accordance with the requirements of the governing documents of education, art education and the university as a whole.


The research topic corresponds to the profile and curriculum of the institute, reflects the needs of the educational process and ensuring the improvement and further development of artistic and pedagogical education.


The main efforts of the research work of the academic teaching staff of the Institute are aimedat improvement of the effectiveness and quality of the educational process.


Research work is carried out on time and reporting documents are submitted in a timely manner.


The results for 2020 note the following:

- 16 articles were published in journals indexed by the RSCI;

- 37 articleswere published in journals recommended by CCES of RK;

- 20 articles were published in the far abroad;

- 7 articles were published in international rating journals Scopus and WOS;

- generally, about 105 articles were published of a scientific and scientific-methodological characters (mat. conferences, abstracts);

- 50% of the teaching staff participated in creative exhibitions, expositions and sports competitions;

- the teaching staff were engaged as experts, consultants and reviewers.

Research projects of the teaching staff 2020