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The meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute was held

On April 18, 2019, at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute (ICS) of KazNPU was held.

The meeting was attended by the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the ICS, the rector of KazNPU Takir Balykbayev, Director of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute Ainur Sabitova, Attache, Counselor of the French Embassy in Kazakhstan, Co-Director of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute Gilles Mametz, President of INALCO Manuel Frank (France), Head of the Center for University and Scientific Partnerships (Europe, Asia, North America) in the General Directorate for Globalization, Culture, Education and International Development of the Federal Reserve, Martin Roussel, Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Lorraine, expert in the field of administrative law, digital law (France, Metz) Pierre Tifin, Professor at the University of Poitiers, International Cooperation Officer (France, Poitiers) Philippe Rojon, university administration and teaching staff of the Institute.

Takir Balykbayev, welcoming the guests from France, stressed the importance of the meeting of the Supervisory Board for the ISC of Abai KazNPU and the main foreign partners in order to further develop cooperation in the field of education and science of the two countries. He also noted that one of the main areas of cooperation between the leading universities of Kazakhstan and France is the program for the implementation of two-diploma education, and spoke about ongoing joint projects between the two countries based on the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute of KazNPU.

During the event, Manuel Frank, Martina Roussel, Gilles Mametz, Philippe Rojon, Pierre Tifin and others made welcoming words.

On the agenda, questions were discussed about the state of development of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute, about the introduction of new two-degree programs at the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute with the Universities of Paris-Sorbonne, Lorraine and Poitiers.

In his report, Gilles Mametz spoke in detail about the state of development of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute, the structure of the institute, the graduating specialties, the two-diploma program in undergraduate and graduate programs and the prospects for graduates.

Regarding the introduction of new diploma programs at the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute regarding universities of Lorraine and Poitiers, speakers Pierre Tifin and Philippe Rojon noted the possibilities in terms of education, research, exchange of experience, double diploma programs for the release of highly qualified personnel from the ISK of KazNPU.

Foreign guests expressed their gratitude to the rector Takir Balykbayev and the co-directors of the ISK, Aynur Sabitova and Gilles Mametz, for their cooperation, high professionalism and the provision of high-quality training of competitive personnel, productive work.

In conclusion, contracts were concluded in the field of double-diploma education with the following universities - partners of France: Abai KazNPU (ISC) and University of Sorbonne Paris 13, University of Lorraine, University of Poitiers.













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