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Faculty of History is one of the first faculty of the Kazakh National Pedagogical  University  named after Abai - the oldest higher educational institutions of the republic. In 1934, the department was opened as a historical and geographical, from 1935 to 1956 Historic, 1956-1968, the historical and philological, and from 1968 to the present day the history department, which provides high-quality knowledge to the younger generation.

One  of the first dean of the newly opened department was Professor Asfendiyarov S.Z that 1928-1931 he worked as the rector of KazSU (KazPI), and was the author of scholarly works on the history of Kazakhstan. Under the guidance of  Professor   Asfendiyarov S.Z, teaching faculty has developed the first training program, working curricula and teaching aids. Under the guidance of Professor Asfendiyarov S.Z, teaching staff faculty has developed the first training program, working curricula and teaching aids.

During the occupation of the most prominent historians of the Soviet Union, once in Alma-Ata, worked hard in auditoriums KazPI. Academics  Pankratov A.M, Tarle  E.,  Sokolov A.,  Kakiyev G.A, docents  Zutis Y.Y,  Gurevich B.P and others gave lectures for students of historical faculty. In the 1947/1948 academic year, students of historical faculty are listened to lectures Prof. Yermukhana Bekmakhanov.

Faculty glorified eminent historians, venerable scientists of Kazakhstan as Baitik S.B , Kiikbayev N.K , Amantayev J. , Chizhov A.P ,Kopylov  I.,  Gurevich B.P and Lyzlov,Bakshylov  S.K, Akhmetzhanov A.A. ,Seksenbaev O.S , Shoiynbayev TJ , Kasymbayev J.K  etc. In 1938, the first graduates of the faculty, 16 graduates were the first swallows of the History Department. From this period of the history department is preparing a large number of highly qualified.

Faculty of History is a leader in the training of qualified teachers.The faculty trains specialists, bachelors in the following specialties: 5B011400 - history, 5B020300 - history, 5B050500 - Regional Studies. To date, the number of students of more than 600 people: 390 - full-time, 211 - by correspondence courses. At faculty of more than 80 specialists, including 1 academician of NAS RK, 20 doctors, professors, 55 associate professors. In recent years, 7 professors were awarded the title "Best teacher of high school" and became the owners of the state grant. The educational process is based on innovative teaching methods with the use of credit technology.
Training is conducted in two languages​​, using the most advanced technology training. Since 2011, the faculty was opened special group in which classes are taught in English. Students of the Faculty of History and participate are winners of national and international subject Olympiads. The motto of the faculty: " To Prepare necessary staff for the country!". This motto is the driving force for the teaching staff of the faculty implement the Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050".