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Dear colleagues, teachers and students!

I congratulate all of you on the Knowledge Day and the beginning of the new academic year. On the eve of the Day of Knowledge, the government`s approval of the Law «On the status of a teacher» is a great pleasure for teachers of the entire country. This extends the rights of teachers, provides many social guarantees, allows teachers to work calmly and creatively, which is very valuable for us who train teachers.

This year, our university accepted 4350 new students. High-quality education and their conscious upbringing is an honorable duty of our teachers. To get a comprehensive education and become an excellent professional are a challenge for our students. I am confident that our teachers and students will feel responsible for them and deserve the name of Abai University. In the 2019-2020 academic year, declared the «Year of Abai», I want to wish our youth to get an education in accordance with the theory of Abai «A Full-Fledged Man».

I wish you good health, longevity and success. Happy new school year!


Sincerely, Rector Takir Balykbayev


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