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The first international forum «Modern trends in teacher education» in Almaty

On June 20-21, in Almaty, at Rahat Palace Hotel, the First International Forum «Modern trends in teacher education» was held, initiated by Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, as part of its Summer School, held this year under the same name.

The goal is to attract public attention to modern trends in pedagogical education, the spread of leading international innovative technologies that contribute to solving problems of updating the content of education in the country.

The forum is attended by the rector of Abai KazNPU Takir Balykbayev, foreign speakers: David Frost (HertsCam Network, Cambridge, United Kingdom); Jaakko Skantsi (Edu Cluster Finland, Finland); Hiroki Fuji (University of Okayama, Japan); John Kim (United States); Nurper Ulkuer (Association for Child Development and Educators, Turkey); Carlos Machado (University of Magdeburg, Germany); Stefania Alishauskienė (Šiauliai University, Lithuania); Lee Seong Hyo (South Korea); Liu Wenbin (Zhejiang Technological University, China), as well as the dean of the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education, Aida Sagintayeva, representatives of the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office Cluster Office to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the Republican Educational Alliance, PO «DIALOG» Union of Translators (Kazakhstan), heads and representatives of regional education departments, advanced training systems, educational organizations and institutions, teachers of colleges and universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Opening the forum, Takir Balykbayev stressed that the modern teacher needs readiness to accept the methodology and content of the updated standard of general secondary education, to change the program and methodological support of the educational process, to change the goals and methods of educational activities.

«We look forward to further active and promising cooperation with our partners, as well as with international associations and foundations committed to promoting innovation in education around the world.

We believe that the modern educational system should be open, take into account the views of all subjects of the educational process. Openness is another tendency of education, which obey the curriculum. As a national pedagogical community, we strive to contribute to the development of educational policies, offering high-quality technologies and new teaching methods aimed at promoting the national education system.

Our main trend today is the digital revolution, which gives rise to new tasks and affects education from two perspectives - the labor market and the need for internal restructuring», - the head of Abai KazNPU said.

The rector thanked the general sponsor of the forum - the Public Association «Dialogue» Union of Translators (Kazakhstan) and personally Oleg Kim - a graduate of our university for supporting this event.

Also a welcoming speech from the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office was made by the national education program specialist Meirgul Alpysbayeva.


The forum discussed issues of attracting global research centers to the joint solution of the problems of modern education, promoting the development of modern trends in teacher education, contributing to the implementation of tasks to update the content of education in Kazakhstan. There will be an exchange of experience and acquaintance with modern international educational technologies and original teaching methods to improve the quality of education, develop new forms of professional and pedagogical communication. There were addressed such issues as the search for effective solutions and the development of recommendations for the development of trends in teacher education in the republic, the creation of a National Expert Council on innovative educational technologies and teaching methods.

In the plenary session, presentations were made by Hiroki Fuji, Director of the Center for the Promotion of ESD, University of Okayama (Japan) («Progress in Teacher Education in Achieving Education for Sustainable Development by 2030»), Professor in Preschool Pedagogy at Uskudar University, Turkey Nurper Ulkuer («Developing Approach to Lifelong Education: This is «Desire» and «Child`s Right»), lead expert at EduCluster Finland (Finland) Jaakko Skantsi («Finnish teacher education in international context»).

Also, the most relevant issues of education were discussed at the platforms, and an exchange of views was held with the participation of foreign and domestic speakers. Workshops were conducted for young artists for beginning teachers to create an info base (infographics).

In conclusion, the participants of the two-day forum were presented with certificates.



















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