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Problems of education development: the mission of the university


On June 18, 2019, at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University in the framework of the Summer School «Modern trends in teacher education» a seminar «Problems of education development: the mission of the university» was held. The goal is to discuss the current problems of the system of higher and secondary education, an analysis of the practice of development of the industry.

The seminar was attended by the rector Takir Balykbaуev, vice-rectors, directors of departments and institutes, heads of departments, heads of departments of our university.

The keynote speaker of this seminar is the president of Almaty Management University, Asylbek Kozhakhmetov. He made presentations on «The Future of School: A View from the University» and «The Third Mission of Universities in the 21st Century».

On the first topic, the speaker identified the strategic success factors, the main accents of education, values in education, the foci of the schools of the future: leadership and entrepreneurship education, the concept of «Serving the Society». He singled out five principles of school transformation, the competitive position of the individual in society, the importance of knowledge, competence and professionalism of heads of educational institutions, holistic education of students and the presentation of academic disciplines in schools, the basic elements of changes in the education system, networking of schools, colleges, universities. A. Kozhakhmetov stressed that education is the core of the state`s development and the quality of school education is created by mutual trust.

In his second report, he noted the influence of the quality of education on the development of the economy, innovation and, in general, on civil society. As an example, the models of modern universities (translation and generation of knowledge, generation of innovations, involved/influencing university, interaction of universities with society, their social activities and relationships with the local community according to David Charles (XXI century), parameters reflecting the specifics of the third missions

During the seminar, the videos «School education», «School is died, long live school», «Ilon Mask», «Mikhail Zhvanetsky - about education», «Ecosystem of student entrepreneurship» were shown.

The workshop aroused great interest. All questions from the participants were given complete answers.








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