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Chair of the professional foreign language communication


 Ayapova Tanat Tanirberdikyzy
Doctor of philological sciences
Zhambyl str.25


The mission of the Chair : Preparing competitive specialist with the skills and practical knowledge skills colloquial speech and language consumer specialty for active use of a foreign language, as in everyday and professional dialogue that can perform continuous self-education and to improve their skills in the future thanks to his knowledge of foreign languages .

The main direction of the chair - develop students` foreign language communicative competence, based on linguistic, sociolinguistic, discursive, socio-cultural, socio-strategic components.


The purpose of the chair - developing communicative and professional competence of students using modern innovative technologies.

Objectives of the Chair:

increase students` motivation to learn a foreign language ;

formation and development of multicultural competence;

organizing and conducting workshops and creative activities ( contests, conferences , kinovstrech ) in foreign languages ​​;

development and formation of language skills in the professional field ;

education of tolerance towards other cultures values.

support for gifted students and language exams preparation TOEFL, IELTS for international participation in educational programs - Presidential Scholarship Bolashak , ACCELS; IREX, DAAD, Goethe - Institute.

modernization of the content of education, the use of modern technologies in the educational process;

improving language training and pedagogical skills of the faculty of the department;

development of international cooperation in the field of research of the faculty of the department;

participation in international and innovative educational programs, competitions scholarships and grants;

creating conditions for the formation and development of students multicultural competence.


Main directions of research activities of the department related to the following issues:

Recent trends and tendencies of learning and teaching of foreign languages ​​in a multilingual environment;

Modern educational technology in teaching intercultural foreign language communication in the modernization of language education in high school;

Accomplish the main goal of research in the department is subject to the decision of a number of specific problems:

study of scientific, methodological and linguistic literature on various aspects of teaching English to students of linguistic specialties;

writing articles and research reports on selected areas of research;

testing revealed peculiarities of teaching English as a practical training to students of language majors, and problems in the discussions at the meetings of scientific and methodological seminar of the Department.


The department has 23 teachers (1 PhD, Professor ( WAC) , academician MAN ON , "The best teacher of the university " , 1 professor ( KazNPU . Abai ), 5 PhDs, 2 associate professors (WAC ), the owner of two scholarship "Bolashak " 11 Master of Philology , 4 senior prep. ) .

The department has close links with the Western and Eastern universities The University of Buckingham ( England ), Georgetown University ( USA ), Santiago de Compostela ( Spain ), Hightech Edusoft ( Israel ), Pecs University ( Hungary) , Turkey, Chonnansky National University (Korea) , China Normal University ( China ), The English and Foreign Languages ​​University, Madras Technical University ( India ), where faculty and students were taught eight international programs. PPP ( 15 ) of the department in cooperation with the Faculty of Language Center USA "English Now" have undergone training program TOEFL. On academic mobility prof.Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences Lynas Selmistraytis held workshops for teachers of the department and classes on the theory of grammar and style for the 3 - 4 courses.


History of the department