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Scientific and research activity


Department of Scientific - conducts research activities in the following areas:

A) design methodology and application of information and communication technologies in education;

B) conduct basic and applied research in the field of integrated use of new information technologies in the field of education and science;

С) the creation and development of innovative methods in the theory and methods of teaching science disciplines;

In the scientific - research involved 25 teachers from around 25, which is 100% (see Table 1). The department has 1 PhD, 12 PhDs and Masters 6. Teachers and Moshkalov Oralbekova J. A., A. Zhanbyrbayeva continue their studies in doctoral .

During the year, the analysis shows a significant increase following indicators compared to previous years, it is: the release of various publications, the number of printed pages per teacher was 3.62. Article 2 of them with impact factor, 11 publications produced in foreign countries, 6 publications in the near abroad, as well as released two monographs, 5 textbooks.

Employee participation in scientific events external scientific organizations;

Professor Sydykhov B.D, and teacher Duisebayeva A.B participated in the international conference "World Conference on Design, Arts and Education." which was held in Antalya, Turkey.

Associate Professor Iskakova K.A made a presentation at an international conference held in Paris, France.

Akhmetov also docents OI Bertaeva K. presented a report at the VII International Conference . "The strategy of quality in the industry and education", 3 - 10 June 2012. Technical University, . Varna, Bulgaria. Associate Professor L. Zhunusova absentia participated necks International Conference "Achievements Graduate School 2012", 17-25 November 2012., Sofia, Bulgaria. Besides teacher Duysebaeva A. has reported in the international scientific-practical conference "New Information Technologies in Education (Nieto, 2012)." WPC.  Ekaterinburg, 2012, and filed a report of the All email correspondence scientific-practical conference "New Information Technologies in Education" Northeastern State University. 15-16 November 2012 GG Magadan, Russia.

Organization dialogue platforms involving business representatives , the private sector and scientists;

Dialogue platforms involving business representatives , academics and the private sector were not organized .

Cooperation with scientific organizations , universities , including Nazarbayev University ;

The Department has entered into a contract of cooperation with :

1) Department of "Pedagogy" Velikotrnovskogo University named " and Methodius ", Railways,

2) Laboratory Laboratore Din formatique pour La Mecani queetles Sciences, 3) Institute of Mathematics . Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences , but has not entered into an agreement with Nazarbayev University .

The Department has entered into a contract of cooperation with schools : School of them . Ushinsky Involvement of faculty as experts in the selection of scientific and technical projects eligible for awards in science and technology;

Expert activities performed docent Zhunusova LH

Cooperation with government, non-governmental, non-governmental and international organizations of foreign countries in the field of research (UNESCO, ISESCO, NATO, SRDF, ISTC, INTAS Somstech OIC, SCO, ECO);

Teachers of the department Omarova C and O Akhmetov took part in konfernetsii held 5-10 September 2012 in Saint-Petersburg School them . Auezov Karasay district of Almaty region , Lyceum № 24 ,

Conference was organized by :

UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education ( IITE ) , the UNESCO Moscow Office , the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO , the Government of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation , UNESCO Chair "Distance education in engineering ." And at a conference attended by Country:

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, China, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova , Russia , Uzbekistan . Number of participants: 51 people .

The conference was held: and one of them is the SOLUTION

International Conference IITE and UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs "Partnership UNESCO Chairs in the field of ICT in education"