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           EMU REMS on the basis of Abai KazNPU  jointly  with the Educational Holding "Study Innovations" from August 22 to 25, 2017, conducted training for bachelor`s teachers, who conducting classes in English, using the CLIL technology in English on the specialties "5В011100-Informatics", "5В011000 - Physics "," 5B011200-Chemistry "," 5B011300-Biology ".

         CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) technology contributes to the preparation of teaching staff in English and the improvement of teaching disciplines with the use of new innovative technologies, and also considers the study of English as a tool for teaching special disciplines.

         The training  purpose is to give an idea of ​​the technique of understanding the philosophy of CLIL technology with the application of practical tasks taking into account different content (examples, exercises).

         The training procedure provides for the training of English teachers for their further active participation in the training  English teachers and teaching of faculty staff of   physical, mathematical, chemical-biological and humanitarian disciplines for professional growth and training of highly qualified specialists.

             EMU REMS on the basis of Abai KazNPU plans to have  long-term cooperation with the Educational Holding "Study Innovations" in the field of advanced training of the University  faculty staff , who conducting classes in English.


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