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Foreign students of Abai  KazNPU  at the international exhibition «EXPO-2017»

        2-4 courses foreign students of the department of philological specialties for foreign citizens and pre-university training of the faculty for foreign citizens and pre-university training (Foundation) Jian Chi, Wang Chenguan, Wu Shengchuan, Jang Xiaoyun, Xu Xiaochang, Dzhu Inging, also  foreign students who came  by the academic exchange program from the University of Sanya (China, Sanya) - Li Dan, Chen Dun Ni, Hao Yu, Wang Wen , who  in the period of   14 -17 June, 2017 visited Astana with  the professor of the above mentioned department  Bakhitgul  Balgazina.

           Two days students were at the International  Exhibition "EXPO-2017". Their feedback aabout   the event the most enthusiastic! They received a​​wonderful impressions, vivid emotions and energy!

          The students visited the pavilions of different countries and large international corporations, leading in the field of environmental clean technologies and alternative energy. Each of the international pavilions, like a separate colorful planet: a miracle of engineering  idea,  fantastically designe. Students believe that they were lucky to be among those who   can to see the grandiose Kazakhstan project of immersion in the global problems of green energy.

           In Astana, foreign students also visited the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where they visited the exhibition of the terracotta army of China; Saw see-sights  of Astana as Baiterek, Khan-Shatyr, Nurlyzhol boulevard (Green Boulevard) and  etc.

         Especially bright impressions and emotions were caused by the visit to the theater "Astana-Opera": the students watched the ballet "Manon".

          Foreign students express sincere gratitude to the  management  of Abai  KazNPU , especially  to  vice-rector for academic work A.T. Kulsariyeva, by whose initiative this trip was held, for the opportunity to visit EXPO-2017 and the capital of Kazakhstan.















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