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Psychologist`s advice for students

How to overcome the fear and anxiety before the exam?

Dear students! You may be a little nervous before defending your exam and dissertation. «Fear is a feeling for everyone», said Zhigitbekova Bakhyt Dastankyzy, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Abai University.

Here are some tips from Bakhyt Dastankyzy to help you pass the exam well:

1. Start training early.

2. Get used to creating your own schedule.

3. Follow the procedure for filling in the table.

4. You can mix subjects in the table.

5. Today`s goal is tomorrow`s result.

6. Select a break time.

7. Getting enough sleep is a guarantee of good health.

8. Keeping records.

9. Use of markers.

Students often use markers to underline material to highlight important points. Using keywords is also useful to remember the importance of the topic being reviewed.

10. Secrets of topics and subheadings.

It is useful to highlight topics with a caption. This not only allows you to highlight the point, but also helps the student to remember what the main subjects were under it.

11. Using a block of drawings.

Students can remember different stages through diagrams. Everything in the form of pictures or drawings will be easy to remember.

12. Organize your notes.

Once you start training with your subjects, try to open individual files for each subject. Marking all entries is useful when reviewing them. Be sure to mark the chapter title at the top and the pages at the bottom of each page to avoid confusion. Put all tests, essays, subject-related tasks in one folder. They will be easy to review as you read.

13. When is it convenient for me to study?

Everyone should know their uniqueness.

14. Seek help.

When you realize you need help in any subject, or when you feel stressed, ask your parents, friends, or teachers for help.

15. Share your feelings.

In some cases, no matter how well you prepare, you may feel insecure and stressed. At this point, be sure to try to share your feelings with your parents and supervisor.

16. Don`t compare yourself with your friends.

17. Learn to express your fears.

It is necessary to talk between parents and children about the preparation for the exam.

18. Visualize the positive.

Imagine that you are always doing well in preparation for the exam. Get rid of the idea that you can`t pass. Because this negative thought prevents you from preparing for the exam. It also causes stress. Stress during training has a negative effect on the mastery and memory of the material.

19. Time-out.

Preparation for the exam takes a long time. That`s why it`s important to take a break and get active.

20. Proper nutrition.

21. Use of self-training techniques.

In stressful situations, emotions come first, and the ability to think effectively decreases. One of the most effective elements of stress management is to give the brain a clear thinking task. For example, remembering twenty words in English, five names of women beginning with the letter «A», giving tasks that require the same thinking power as how many people in the room are wearing pants.

22. Meditation.

If a lot of work doesn`t help you overcome your fears and anxieties, try meditating. Meditate for 10-15 minutes in the morning. For example: Imagine that your last name is on the list of those who passed the exam well. Meditation techniques and breathing exercises are effective in overcoming pre-exam fears and anxieties.




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