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750th anniversary of the Golden Horde

Literary and historical evening «Altyn Orda - Altyn tamyrymyz»


On the 21stFebruary, 2020 at the S. Begalin Central City Children`s Library hosted a literary and historical evening «Altyn Orda-Altyn tamyrymyz» for 8th grade students of school-lyceum No. 33 of Almaty. The event was dedicated to the 750th anniversary of Altyn Orda.

The evening was also organized with the participation of a teacher of the Department of History of Kazakhstan, Institute of History and Law of Abai KazNPU, Aigerim Khakim. She gave a lecture on the topic «Golden Horde: History and Significance», which highlights basic information about the history of the formation of the Golden Horde in our country and the contribution of the Kipchaks to the construction of the Kazakh state. On a literary and historical evening, students asked important questions about the Golden Horde, the role of Jochi Khan and his descendants. Schoolchildren with interest discussed our national history, supplemented their knowledge in the historical and spiritual spheres.





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