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CED for the 2018-2019 academic year, specialty 5B012200-Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of education


CED for the 2018-2019 academic year, specialty 6М012200-Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of education

Information on cooperation with schools, lyceums, colleges

List of teaching AIDS for universities

List of textbooks, manuals for teachers, workbooks for schools of Kazakhstan


Educational and methodical complexes of disciplines of the Department of Philological specialties for foreign citizens are annually updated and supplemented.


At the beginning of the academic year at the department have been developed in the course of the year, the following documents:

1. Calculation of hours of teaching assignments.
2. Individual plans for teachers.
3. types of work programs on general and special courses.
4. Work plans, meetings, research, educational work of the department.
5. Work plan of the circle of expressive reading for students.
6. Journal of Accounting participating lectures and outdoor activities teachers.
7. Journal of the protocols teaching staff conferences, students, protection of coursework and theses of students over current.
8. Minutes of meetings of the department.
9. Schedule participating and outdoor activities.
10. Schedule of visit and duty of staff to the hostel.
11. Schedule of speech practice.

The Department provides information support for all its activities, educational, educational, cultural and leisure activities on the website of the Faculty for foreign citizens and pre-University training Foundation and the University; organizes work among the teaching community, undergraduates and students, as well as applicants.

In the educational and scientific process of the Department uses the library base KazNPU. Abay, the classroom Fund of the Faculty for foreign citizens and pre-University training Foundation.

Employees of the Department use innovative learning technologies. Classes are conducted with the use of information and pedagogical technologies of training, interactive teaching methods are actively used.

Teachers of the Department annually take courses of improvement of qualification of teachers of pedagogical specialties of the Republic of Kazakhstan FAO CRK «Orleu»; courses on methods of teaching foreigners the Russian language, innovative teaching methods, scientific training in Russian universities (PFUR, the WEIGHT of them. A. S. Pushkin) and abroad (China, Beijing Institute of foreign languages); participate in national and international seminars in Almaty, Astana, Moscow.

The staff of the Department is trained under the program «Additional professional education for graduate students of Universities engaged in training of teaching staff, developed on the basis of level programs of professional development of teachers of Kazakhstan». These courses are developed and organized by the center of pedagogical skills of AOO «Nazarbayev intellectual schools».