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Training In Vilnius


From April 29 to May 10, 2019, the first year undergraduates of the specialty «6M011400 - History» of the Institute of History and Law were trained as part of a foreign internship at the Vytautas Magnus Academy of Pedagogical Education of the Republic of Lithuania.

During the academic trip, undergraduates took part and exchanged views on the discussion platform of views on science, culture, language and international politics, trends in the integration development of the Republic of Lithuania, current issues of the day and many other topics, including, according to the calendar, listened to meaningful seminars of qualified specialists , professors Natalia Avina, Giedre Riscute, Ala Petrulte, Stas Rusty, Serjeus Neyfashes.Undergraduates in the passage of foreign internships gained knowledge in the new modern direction of education.

During the lecture, professors of the University of Lithuania of the Academy of Pedagogical Education shared their multinational experience, innovative pedagogical education. Lectures were given in English and Russian on the following subjects: «Rhetoric in speech communication», «Review of Lithuanian art and culture», «Strategies for the development of creativity», «Ecological model teaching healthy lifestyles», «Social psychology of childhood». In addition, undergraduates visited the historical places of Vilnius and became acquainted with the culture of Lithuania.This has become a new bridge of cooperation between the two countries.

The students of the History and Law Institute of the specialty «6М011400-History» expressed their sincere gratitude to the administration of the University of Lithuania, which helped advance one more step in the field of science and not only get acquainted with the domestic, but also with the western educational process.










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