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In honor of the 290th anniversary of Zhabay batyr, a conference was held in Shymkent on the topic «Uly dalanin batyrlary - ulttin rukhy»


On April 19-20, 2019, the Republican Foundation «Baydibek baba», the «Аk tuly Syrguely Zhabay batyr» Foundation and the M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University team in Shymkent organized an international scientific conference «Uly dalanin batyrlary - ulttin rukhy» dedicated to the 290th anniversary of Zhabay batyr, commander, diplomat toxoba, holy, Ak Tuly Zhabay Kazbekuly.

The conference was attended by scientists from Almaty, the delegation of cultural and art workers, including famous scientists and teachers from our university: Professor of the Department of World History, Doctor of Historical Sciences Aitkul Makhaeva, Associate Professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan Sabira Saifulmalikova, Professor of the Department of the Kazakh language and literature named after Academician Temirkhan Tebegenov. Famous historians-scientists from Tatarstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, R.R. Fakhrutdinov, K.K.Radjabov, D.Ch.Imanberdiev made reports at the conference and shared their own opinions with Kazakhstani colleagues. Conference materials were published in print and electronic versions.

The conference that started in Shymkent continued in the homeland of the batyr in the Alimtau area. Conference guests took part in planting a tree in Alimtau Park.







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