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Exhibition held as part of the Decade of Science-2019


On April 9-10, the Institute of History and Law held a city exhibition on the theme «Almaty: streets were named after them» as part of the Decade of Science-2019. The exhibition was presented by the undergraduate student of the specialty «6M011400-History» Dinara Asanova and she delivered a lecture on the topic «The best women of Kazakhstan».


At the exhibition there were presented the author`s works of the artist Lidia Drozdova, portraits of 18 eminent women of Kazakhstan.

The exhibition was opened by Galiya Kirillova, Head of the monitoring of research projects and normative control department, and she wished success.

The event was attended by professors and undergraduates of the Institute of History and Law, as well as undergraduates of the specialties «6М011400 - History», «6М020300 - History» of the West Kazakhstan State University named after Makhambet Utemisov who came under the program of academic mobility.


The purpose of the exhibition is to explore the history of women, ensure gender equality of women and provide information about the achievements of women of Kazakhstan at the local and international levels, as well as introduce the history of the brave and heroic women of our country.









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