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Open meeting of the historic club «Tarihqa sayahat»


In the framework of the «Decade of Science-2019», on April 5, the open meeting of the historical club «Tarihqa sayahat» was held. Students of the specialty «History - 5В011400» and teachers of the Department of History of Kazakhstan named after T.S. Sadykov discussed through the prism of the methodology of «public history» the film of Rustem Abdrashov «Qazaq Handyg`y. Altyn taq». - «The Kazakh Khanate. Golden Throne», based on the novel by Ilyas Yesenberlin «Diamond Sword».

Students get acquainted with modern areas of historical research, make scientific reports. In particular, the following reports were heard at the open meeting: «Transition to the Latin alphabet. Positive and negative aspects» (Aitkuzhin Ruslan and Aralov Balgynbek, 1st year students) and «Spanish language. Why does half the world speak it?» (Natalia Molchanova, 2nd year student). Comments were given by the club`s scientific advisor - c.h.s., associate professor Tenlik Dalaeva and coordinator, teacher Svetlana Belous. The most active members of the club are Karimbaeva Umirnis and Doszhanov Didar.





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