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Final conference on industrial and pedagogical practice


On April 3, 2019, the Department of World History of the Institute of History and Law held a conference on the results of teaching practice for students of 4 courses of specialties «5B011400 - History», «5B011500 - Foundations of Law and Economics», «5B020300 - History» and «5B013000 - History - Religious Studies».

The head of the Department of World History, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Ermukhanov Yerkin opened the conference, stressing the particular importance of this teaching practice for students, wishing them to continue to be along with qualified specialists.

Further, the floor was given to students-interns. The students talked about how they prepared and conducted the lessons, what difficulties they had to face in the course of the practice, shared their experiences during the pedagogical practice with the help of their open and test lessons. So, a student of the specialty «5В013000 - History - Religious Studies» Arman Zhaksylyk («The tribe of Hun»), as well as 4th year students of the specialty «5B011400 - History» Аlibek Ramazan presented reports («The biography of Alexander Macedonian») and Elaman Kurbanov («The social and political structure of the states after the Mongol period») with multimedia presentations.

The results of the conference on the reports of teaching practice were summed up by the responsible person for teaching practice of the institute, candidate of historical sciences, Professor Zhumakhan Nurmanbetkyzy. She congratulated students on the successful completion of the practice and wished them further pedagogical success in their future professional activities.








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