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From February 25 to March 19, Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University held the Republican subject Olympiad «Abai syiy-2019» among pupils of 11th grade of educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Olympiad has already become traditional and is held annually.

Objectives of the Olympiad:
- identification and support of talented students;
- identifying the best students to the level of knowledge of the subject «History»;
- creation of conditions for the formation of the intellectual potential of students;
- development of creative abilities of students.

Tasks of the Olympiad:
- determination of comprehensive knowledge of history;
- assessment of students` knowledge based on the results of two stages;
- identification of the scientific and educational potential of students who have chosen historical specialties.

The first vice-rector of the university, Professor M. Bektemesov, held the opening ceremony of the Olympiad and wished the participants good luck.

Republican subject Olympiad «Abai syiy-2019» was held in Kazakh and Russian languages in the following disciplines:
1. Mathematics, Physics, Informatics;
2. Chemistry, Biology;
3. Geography;
4. Kazakh language and literature, Russian language and literature, English;
5. History of Kazakhstan, World History.

The Olympiad was organized in two stages:
The first stage took place on the website using distance learning technologies from February 25 to March 7. The results were announced on March 8, and the list of participants who passed to the second stage is posted on the website

The second stage, in written form: (3 questions in 1 ticket) started on March 18 at the Republican educational and training center «Baldauren-Kapshagay» and ended on March 19.

Participants of 9 schoolchildren from Kostanay, East Kazakhstan, Almaty regions and the city of Almaty entered the second stage. They competed in knowledge in the subjects «History of Kazakhstan» and «World History».

According to the results of the Olympiad, which was very interesting and exciting, the fair decision of the jury determined the winners. They were awarded special certificates.

On the subject of «History of Kazakhstan»:
I. Gauhar Shokay - East Kazakhstan, the city of Ayagoz, a pupil of school number 1;
2. Alfiya Zhanabaeva; Mediahunuly Dіnmuhamed - Almaty region, Panfilov district, Aydarly village, pupils of Aydarly secondary school;
3. Dilnaz Akhasheva - East Kazakhstan, Zharma district, Kalbatau village, a pupil of the multi-vocational gymnasium named after Abai.

On the subject of «World History»:
I. Suyun Assem - Zhetysu district, secondary school No. 177;
2. Yerdaulet Ospan - Kostanay region; Zhetikarai district, secondary school № 4;
3. Kairzhan Satubaldin - Almaty region, Kapshagay.

Certificates and letters of appreciation were presented to the pupils and supervisors who participated in the event. Each stage was evaluated separately, as a result of which the cognitive and logical skills of the pupils were tested.

After the award ceremony, the participants and leaders of the Olympiad exchanged impressions and expressed gratitude to the organizers.

Note that the participants in the Olympiad on the subjects «History of Kazakhstan» and «World History» demonstrated a high level of knowledge. Of course, it is pleasant that our young people are not just interested in historical facts, but also know the history of their people, their country and world history well.














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