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The benefits of religious literacy


From February 21 to 28, the teachers of Abai KazNPU held open lectures covering the prevention and spread of extremism, opposition to radicalism among young people, as well as increasing religious literacy.

At the lectures, which were conducted by Zhomart Simtikov, Daurenbek Kusainov, Gulnara Rakhimova, Zhanyl Madaliyeva, students revealed the essence of the concept of «religion», they received more in-depth information about traditional and non-traditional religious movements, shared their views and views on these issues. With great interest they also learned about the basics of the Abrahamic (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) religions. They are called the Religions of Revelation, since the core of the teachings of these religions is based on Revelation -«the divine self-disclosure and the proclamation of his will by him to man».

The lecture was received with great interest, we hope that the information will help many young people to look at religion objectively and not get lost in the flow of many religious movements.









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