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Meeting on the research of young scientists and analysis of theses of dissertation councils


On 21 February, 2019, the head of the department of science, Sayabek Sakhiyev held a report at the Institute of History and Law. The report is based on informational, cognitive and key issues. Information was presented on an interactive whiteboard and revealed relevant issues of the report. New recommendations of the draft Regulation on the Dissertation Council were presented.

The main purpose of the adoption of the new Regulation is to ensure the quality and market competition of dissertations at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University.

The words were given to the doctor of historical sciences, professor Mambet Koigeldiev, Candidate of Historical Sciences Muhtar Muratkazin, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Lecturer Shamek Tileubaev, Doctor of History, Associate Professor Bauirzhan Zhanguttin, Doctor of Law, Еrmek Buribaev, Doctor of History, Senior Lecturer Sabira Saifulmalikova and other young scientists and doctoral students.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the research department provided information on the financing of research projects and free English courses for young scientists and undergraduates.





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