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On 24 November, 2017 students of the Institute of History and Law of the educational program 5В030100 - Jurisprudence took part in the conference "Historical Personality and the Revival of National Identity", organized by the Almaty City Court in the framework of the discussion of the article by President N.A. Nazarbayev «Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan`s identity».
Chairman of the city court Nurgazy Abdikanov expressed his greetings to the guests. The conference participants - prominent scientists and figures of science and education made reports on the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script, as well as the role of public figures in the formation of Kazakh statehood and national identity. After the conference, the Almaty City Court staff conducted an excursion for students in the halls of the session on criminal and civil processes. During the excursion the staff also told the students abot the meetings in the situation rooms.  Students in online mode could see the broadcasting of meetings from the regional centers of Kazakhstan.
The students showed great interest, asked many questions, for which they received exhaustive answers.



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