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In the period from 23 till 27 October , 2017, Dr. Elise Storck from Leiden University (Netherlands) conducted classes at the Institute of History and Law. Graduates and students of specialties 6М050500, 6М011400, 5В02030, 5В01140 under the direction of Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor К.R. Nesipbyaeva listened with great interest to the course, which was presented by the CLIL method of Dr. Elise Storck.
Dr. Elise Storck worked for a long time as a history teacher in Dutch schools. She has a great pedagogical experience, which she now seeks to pass on to the younger generation. The main problem studied is the teaching of the methodology of historical science using the CLIL method-subject-linguistic integrated learning, i.e. Dr. Elise Storck promotes the study of history as a academic discipline in English.
in Dutch schools and colleges, both Dutch schoolchildren and students, as well as immigrants from other countries (Morocco, Algeria, etc.) study together. The CLIL method allows the study of the subject and the simultaneous study of the English language on the basis of illustrative material.
Masters Maksat Zhakauov, Bekzat, Aidarkulov , Saule Tolepbergenova, students Assem Dzhanabayeva, Yelaman Kulbekov, Nurzada Estay, Abdujalil Iliev, Madina Kurbanova and others actively participated in the classes. They described historical events, asked questions, talked with Dr. Elise Storck in English.




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