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International Scientific and Practical Conference "Development of World Historical Science:

History lessons and alternatives "

                On April 28, 2017  at  the Institute of History and Law of Abai KazNPU  was held   international scientific and practical conference "Development of the World Historical Science: History Lessons and Alternatives" , which was organized by the Department of World History. The purpose of this event is to determine the achievements of our country and its role in the historical arena since independence, to define the tasks and roles of science in the awakening of historical consciousness and to show application in the social and educational process.

          According to the program, the conference discussed research reports of the administrations of universities, scientists of scientific centers, researchers from the far and near abroad,  academic staff of domestic  educational institutions and students.

            The  conference was opened by V.N. Kossov-Vice-rector for scientific work of our university , who in his speech mentioned the significance of this conference in the field of national education and science and highly appreciated the progress of new discoveries and researches.

        Further with a report on the topic "Kazakh national liberation movement. During the Soviet period (1905-1932) ", which was made by the head of the department of Kazakh history named after Academician T.S. Sadykov, Chairman of the Association of Historians of Kazakhstan, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Historical sciences, Professor M.K. Koygeldiev. Mambet Kulzhabayevich  told about the history of our country from antiquity to independence. Head of the department of the history of Kazakhstan and social disciplines, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor S.M. Borbasov spoke with the article "National policy of Kazakhstan:  problems and directions". The foreign guest Turkish scholar Evran Üniversitesi Osman Kabadavi presented the article "Kazak türkçesinin tarihi kipçak türkçesi ve eserleri", which describes the differences in the languages ​​of Mamluk Kipchak, written by the Codex Kumanikus, Gregorian. Also presented his research director of the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Sh. Ualikhanov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor S.O. Smagulova on the topic: "XX century,20-30 years.  Kazakhstan`s political and social status  in the researches of  foreign scientists », professor of   Al-Farabi KazNU,  Doctor of Historical sciences  T.A.Tolebayev  spoke about  " Traditional methodological directions and Linguistic geography of the prototurkic   and linguistic issues of habitat ".

       In the debate of the plenary session,  head of the political department of the Almaty branch of the Nur-Otan party D.Aliyev, public figure Kenesary Kaptagaiev, deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Bolashak-Zhasar /  Future views " Talgat Zhanisbay expressed their views.

                After the lunch break, the conference continued with a meeting in 4 sections:

          1.Relevant  issues of the World History: history and development; 2.Kazakhstan in the context of globalization: socio-political, economic, cultural aspects; 3.Technologies and innovative methods of teaching history in higher and secondary schools; 4.Legal retrospective of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the direction of development. In each section were considered articles , which  were not discussed in plenary meeting.

                As a result of the conference, 125 scientific articles were published in a collection, which became one of the largest scientific collections in scale.

             In the international conference not only scholars and  academic staff  participated actively, but also students and undergraduates.

                The conference was held at the highest level. All participants noted the high organizational work of the Department of World History. 























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