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Round table about the  "Return of ethnic Kazakhs

to  motherland and their social protection (education) "


On 2 March , 2017 at the Department of "World History" Institute of History and Law  Abai  KazNPU   took place a round table on theme:  "Return of ethnic Kazakhs to  motherland   and their social protection (issues of education)".

Our goal is to determine the degree of return of ethnic Kazakhs from the far and near abroad after gaining independence, living conditions, youth achievements, the work of the World Association of Kazakhs and discuss the President`s message with members of this association, with youth and  academic staff.

Organizer of the round table: Head of the  department  of World History,   doctor of  historical sciences M.K. Tulekova thanked the organization`s employees and noted the important role of the association in the work on the return of ethnic Kazakhs. The round table was attended by:

Sultanali  Balgabayev  - deputy chairman of the World Association of Kazakhs, professor, honored worker of Kazakhstan;

Kulgazira Baltabayeva -  candidate of historical sciences, Director of the Analysis Center of the World Association of Kazakhs, Executive Director of the Alumni Association  of  Al-Farabi  KazNU;

Botagoz Uatkan -  head of department of the organization of the World association of Kazakhs;

Yerlik  Kebekbai - editor of the web- site;

Talapbek Tynysbek - head of the World Youth Center of the World Association of Kazakhs, poet, winner of Republican, World Poetry Competitions, chairman of the youth social association "Zhezbyida" ( China);

Talgat Zhanyspay - graduate of our university, blogger, journalist and students, undergraduates,  teachers .

Sultanali  Balgabayev  noted some problems in the training of ethnic Kazakhs, regarding the language and the role of the association in solving the problems of resettlement, etc. Abroad 3/1 ethnic Kazakhs live and only 1 million moved to their historical homeland. Many of them face various problems when taking citizenship, recruiting for work, getting an education.

Botagoz Uatkan has acquainted with work of the department and has stopped on a question of returning of ethnic Kazakhs from Mongolia.

Kulgazira Baltabayeva   told  about the meeting with the Kazakhs in Altai and Barnaul and about the issues of concern to our compatriots. At the present time, among the repatriated youth out of 1056, only 481 enrolled in universities. When passing exams, they are much more difficult.

Talapbek Tynysbek read the verses of his own work. Yerlik  Kebekbai noted the important role of his website in the dissemination of useful information for ethnic Kazakhs who can learn news from anywhere in the world at home. Journalist Talgat Zhanyspay thanked all the guests of the meeting who shared valuable information. The employee of the department for the educational part Yerbolan Shargynov noted that our university helps every student-repatriates who study at our university. In general, the round table was very productive, the participants asked many questions and expressed their opinions. From the chair acted Doctor of Historical sciences, Professor Kh.A. Suteeva, who shared her experience of obtaining citizenship and problems. At the end, students of the Department of Law performed kyu for guests. In addition to the discussion at the round table, research works and some works by writers and poets were exhibited.


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