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    On 28 October, 2016 Chair of the World History of the History and Law Institute of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University by the initiative of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University held the online conference on the theme: Idea "Mangilik el": historical foundations, enlightenment issues. The event was held at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University in specialized auditorium "Mangilik el". At an online conference brought together academic staff and undergraduates . Academic staff forum had the opportunity to free exchange of views, made useful exchange of views in the scientific and educational aspect.
    Online conference began with opening speech of the Director of History and Law Institute Professor B.S. Zhumagulov. The report called "Historical - philosophical aspect of the idea "Mangilik el". The report provoked a lively discussion on the part of undergraduates and lecturers. Head of the Chair of World History doctor of historical sciences, prof. Tulekova Mereke in his report reflected the vitality of the national idea, taking on their historical beginning with the era of the ancient Turks, as well as the fundamental importance of the formation of a scientific outlook, and increase the skill level of scientific teaching staff.

     Doctor of historical sciences, professor Suteeva Khanzada proved the necessity and importance of the reforms set out in the "Mangilik el", Professor A.B Gali explained to the influence of external factors on the formation of this idea and opened the geopolitical aspects. Candidate of historical sciences, professor G.A. Menlibayev, who drew the attention of the audience on the historical origins of the Turkic and the beginning of the idea.

    During the event, undergraduates attended the discussion. Especially can distinguish speech of Zhakauov Maksat and Musalim Sholpan - undergraduates of specialty "Regional Studies", who spoke about the social importance of introducing the idea " Mangilik el" among young people.

    Chair of History of Kazakhstan of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University was represented by the following academic staff: candidate of historical sciences Sailan Bolat, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Sabyrkhan Smagulov, associate professor Maydanali Zere, Tasilova Nazia, Uderbayeva Saule and undergraduate Niyazbek Miras. In the course of the conference voiced opinions about the prospects of development of the idea "Mangilik el".

      Summing up the conference, speakers emphasized the importance of such events. discussion and promotion of the idea "Mangilik el" contributing to the stabilization and improvement of the quality of continuing education and youth development of the country as a whole. To increase the productivity of such events the initiative to hold such conferences on a quarterly basis was raised.


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