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For students of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography there was held «Auyzashar»

To preserve good national traditions, on May 29, 2019, the Directorate of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography and the teaching staff of the Chemistry, Biology and Geography, Ecology and Tourism departments held a Auyzashar for students during the holy month of Ramazan.

Director of the Institute, Professor Kulyash Kaimuldinova, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs Lyazzat Demeuova, Deputy Director for Science and International Relations Kalamapyr Zhumagulova, Honorary Head of the Department, Professor Sofia Imankulova, Head of the Department of Chemistry, Assoc. Professor Zhazira Mukatayeva, Professor Amantay Kunakbayev, Professor Nesipan Bektenov delivered speeches to students. Scientists and teachers expressed their wishes for the young people who gathered around the table.

The event was held in a warm atmosphere, where the participants expressed sincere words about kindness, peace, harmony, culture and continuity of generations. It was noted that such actions will serve to improve the atmosphere of mutual understanding in the team and the development of spiritual and moral education of young people.







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