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Meeting with the scientist in the framework of the Decade of science-2019

April 11, 2019 in the framework of the Decade of science, the department of chemistry organized a meeting of undergraduates and doctoral students with the doctor of chemical sciences, head of the laboratory of ion-exchange resins of the Institute of Chemistry named after А.B.Bekturov professor T.K. Chalov.


T.K. Chalov presented a lecture on the topic: «New ion-exchange polymers and membrane technologies for desalting and purification of industrial wastewater». Discussed issues of the synthesis of ion-exchange membranes for the treatment of waste and industrial waters. The problem of the lack of water resources for our region and the methods of its replenishment are analyzed. Questions were asked about the technology of ion-exchange polymers and their use. Undergraduates and doctoral students actively participated in the discussion and listened with great interest to the lecturer. The meeting with the scientist gave a lot of diverse information on new membrane technologies and an invitation was received to work in the Scientific Institute of Chemistry to interested persons.





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