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«Az-Nauryz, khosh keldіn!»


On April 11, 2019, the 1st year students of the specialty 5B011200-«Chemistry» of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography, the Department of Chemistry, organized and held a festive event called «Az-Nauryz, khosh keldіn!». Mentors: аssoc. professor Zhazira Mukatayeva, teacher master Farida Bukharbaeva.


The event was attended by the director of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography, Professor Kulyash Kaymuldinova, head of the Research and Development Department, Research and Innovative Development and Innovations Gulzada Baimbetova, head of the Monitoring Department for Research Projects and Norms Control Galiya Kirilova, deputy Director for Research and International Relations Kalampyr Zhumagulova, deputy Director for educational work Nurlan Manapov, head of the department Zhazirа Mukatayeva, as well as students, undergraduates, doctoral students and the teaching staff of the institute.


On the festive evening, the guests were presented a cultural program - folk songs, kui and dancing accompanied by dombra. Our national traditions were shown: kuda tysu, қyz uzatu, shіldekhana toy, tusau kesu, sundet toy. The festive event was held at a very high level.


At the end of the event, the director of the institute Kulyash Kaimuldinova warmly congratulated with the holiday Nauryz - a symbol of spring and renewal. At the end of the evening there was a shashu (baursak, sweets),and also distributed Kazakh national dishes: kurt, cheese, talkan and tasty nauryz-kozhe.











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