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Intellectual game«League of Intellectual Games»


On April 8, 2019, in the framework of the Decade of Science, an Intellectual game «League of Intellectual Games» was held among students of geography, biology and chemistry at the Institute of Natural Science and Geography. The organizers and the head of the chemistry team were teachers NurzhanChinibayeva and ZhanarZhaksibayeva.


The game was entertaining, informative, interesting for the team members and for the audience: students and teachers. Games were organized not only between the teams, but also with the audience. The questions were by specialty and general, to expand the horizons of students. The students responded with interest, the answers were complete, funny, humorous and interesting. Each team has shown itself to know their specifics of the specialty. The game was held in an atmosphere of competition, noisy and interesting. When discussing issues, disputes arose and discussions among team members and viewers alike.


As a result of the end of the game, the winner was a team of geography students in the specialty «5B011600-Geography», the second place was won by a team of biologists in the specialty «5B011300-Biology», the third place was taken by a team of chemists in the specialty «5B011200-Chemistry». The teams were awarded with medals and diplomas of the institute.









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