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«Journey to the Institute of Natural Science and Geography»

On March 11, 2019, «Аn open day» was organizedfor pupils of 8th, 9th and 10th grades, which was held by the council of self-government of students of the Іnstitute of natural science and geography. Teachers and students of schools came with organizing of a professor at the Department of Biology Rimma Izbasarova. The event was attended by students of the trilingual school-gymnasium for gifted children of the Kargaly rural district of the Dzhambul district of the Almaty region.

Deputy director for educational work, Nurlan Manapov, and active students of the Institute of Natural Science and Geography introduced them to the history and educational work of the Іnstitute. Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Komus Batyrova presented the subject zoology of invertebrates, candidate of Biological Sciences, assistant professor Galiya Tatarinova presented subject anatomy of human, and doctor of Chemical Sciences Nesipzhan Bektenov showed the laboratory rooms of the institute. At the end of the trip, the children showed particular interest in the educational institution, the education system and the student self-administration council and other institute organizations. They all decided that for a quality education they need to choose our university!







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